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A Business Case is solid if the assumptions for both the benefits that are the outcome of the project and the effort needed to realise those benefits are known, predictable and accepted by all stakeholders.
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Business Case Survey 2015 launched

Every year 1Stroke conducts a large survey on how Danish organizations use Business Cases. The focus of the survey is how effective the business case is considered, and moreover how the degree of the expected benefits materialize and can be documented.

The 2015 Business Case survey was kicked off 7th May. You may contribute to this year’s survey, using the attached questionnaire. All contributors will receive the result of our analysis and participate in the draw of five books “Mastering the Business Case.

Use this link to know more about the Business Case Survey 2015

1stroke has the last three years conducted the Business Case surveys. This year we will then be able to illustrate both the present trends as well as the development in the use of Business Cases and Benefits Realization.

The survey maps the use of Business Cases in both private and private organizations. The major difference between the two sectors is that the public administration has introduced a mandatory model for all projects above 10 mil. Danish Kroner (1.5 mil. US$), whereas the use of Business Cases in the private sector is voluntary. The questionnaire and interview is thus targeted at the two sectors individually.

In the survey 1stroke intends to uncover

¨ How many use of the business case throughout the project lifespan

¨ The relationship between the business case and the company strategy

¨ The relation to the operational processes

¨ The primary benefits

¨ The time spent vs. The project benefits

¨ The relation between the success ratio among the different project archetypes

¨ The experience with the Government IT Council’s business case model

“Mastering the Business case” published 18th February

The new book, “Mastering the Business Case”, the 101 book on preparing a solid business case and securing the benefits was released the 18th February on “Varius”, a part of the “Polytechnic” Publishing house. To order the book on-line click on the cover to the right—or just write to to order.

“Mastering the Business Case” focuses on how organizations are able to use the business case as an active management tool to support the benefits realization. The book gives a thorough introduction to the methods and theories that must be brought into play to develop a solid business case. The processes are identified and explained to the level necessary to uncover and realize the value of the project – from the high-level business strategy to the individual project activities.

The book covers the following topics in great detail:

¨ Fundamentals of a Business Case

¨ Benefit Management

¨ Business Management

¨ Stakeholder Management

¨ Change Management

¨ Risk Management

¨ Financial Management

¨ Presentation Management

¨ International Standards

¨ Tool Support

Read more about the book on the website:

“Mastering the Business Case” is the basis for a number of seminars and courses, offered by “Networking by Innovation” and “IDG Kurser”. Details on courses and seminars